About Herbalists

Fully qualified Medical Herbalists are required to have studied for at least three years to obtain a BSc in Herbal Medicine from an institution approved by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). An approved degree course incorporates a large number of the modules which comprise a conventional medical degree, including anatomy, physiology, embryology, biochemistry, pharmacology and differential diagnosis, together with extensive training in physical and clinical examination.

Medical Herbalists use active plant constituents which have a therapeutic effect on target tissues within the body. These constituents act in much the same manner as pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal medicines may in some cases take longer to have clinical effect but they represent an increasingly scientifically supported alternative to orthodox treatment. There is an abundance online tadalafil, dapoxetine online. of pharmacological research that supports the effectiveness of herbal medicine in the treatment of numerous health problems. In many instances we know the active compound in the plant that combats the patho-physiological process being addressed, and we understand the mechanism by which this happens.

A Medical Herbalist differs from a conventional GP in a number of ways. In particular, a Medical Herbalist aims to treat the whole and look beyond the patienta��s presenting symptoms to consider the full matrix of contributing factors. In this way, the root cause of the problem can be treated at the same time as relieving the immediate symptoms of being unwell.

Herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and encompasses a wide range of philosophies, beliefs and practices. However, modern Medical Herbalists are often more a�?clinicala�? and a�?orthodoxa�? in their approach. This is certainly the case at MacLennan’s. We do not regard our role as being confined to diagnosis and prescription, but as extending to providing a complete package of education, prevention, management and rehabilitation to our patients. We aim to provide a long-term solution to our patientsa�� health problems and to enable each patient to take control of his or her condition and take steps actively to improve quality of life.

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