Your first appointment with a medical herbalist will generally last about an hour and involve an in-depth case history covering the reason you have come to see us an all other aspects of your heath. It is helpful to us if you bring details of any medication you are currently taking. At the end of the consultation, a diagnosis of your condition will be made and, if appropriate, you will be prescribed a plant-based generic tadalafil, generic Zoloft. medicine to take in a similar manner to medicine from a chemist. The medicine will usually be made up for you on the day in our in-house dispensary.

We work closely with other healthcare professionals and when necessary will either refer you to your G.P. or any other practitioners we feel may be better placed to effectively address your health concerns.

Follow-up consultations will be booked for patients receiving on-going treatment. These consultations generally last between 20 and 30 minutes. Repeat prescriptions may also be arranged for collection.

Please contact Euan to discuss fees or to arrange your initial consultation.

All consultations by appointment only.

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